Tuesday, 12 October 2010

3D reconstruction example

To advertise the upcoming release of our photogrammetry toolkit, I would like to post the result of 3D reconstruction from 5 photos of the old townhall in Market Harborough in England. Here is one of the photos:

All 5 photos can be downloaded from the toolkit homepage. The photos were taken by Andrew Ainsworth who also contributed to the project.

And finally, here is the result of 3D reconstruction with PMVS:

CMVS Compiles under Linux/Windows with CMake

CMVS now compiles fine with the CMake build system for windows and linux (32/64).

Next step will be to update the python photogrammetry package and make tutorials in order to provide a friendly access to "the pictures to 3D" platform.

If anyone is interested by giving some help, he is welcome !