Thursday, 30 September 2010

Bundler 0.4 for windows linux and mac !

Bundler is a structure-from-motion system for unordered image collections (for instance, images from the Internet) written in C and C++. An earlier version of this system was used in the Photo Tourism project.

You could find  :
Sources (compatible for Windows/Linux/Mac)
The build system used is CMake to make easy project maintenance and portability.


  1. Hey Accueil,
    You said that version 0.4 was Mac compatible, but when I went to the bundler website, all I found were the distributions for linux, and windows.

    Is there a special way to get it running on macs?

    I haven't been able to get bundler to work, on linux, so I really would love to get it working on the mac, but how?


  2. can you fix the link? We can't download from your Documents and Settings folder:)

  3. link is available here: