Wednesday, 9 February 2011

OpenSourcePhotogrammetry in ArcheOs

ArcheOS is the acronym of Archeological Operating System. It is a GNU/Linux live distribution built for archaeological aims. Actually a new version (4.0) based on Debian “Squeeze” is under development.

Alessandro Bezzi - Arc-Team s.n.c have done an excellent job to include my tools under this linux distribution (compatible also with debian/ubuntu). It have add an PYQT GUI :

And manage to get result like the following :

This result is a nice example of what open source community could manage ! Congrats to ArcheOs team !

At my turn I have now to integrate the change made by Alessandro to the toolkit on windows !


  1. Hi all,
    there is a videotutorial about using Python Photogrammetry ToolBox inside ArcheOS.
    You can find it here:

  2. Hi,
    I open a page for the GUI in PyQT4:

    I hope it can be usefull for the project.

  3. Hi, this is great stuff. I have ArcheOS running in a virtual machine (Win7x64 host), specifically to be able to use this photogrammetry program. I'm hoping to get some great results without using a similar webservice.
    I am wondering about the kinds of images that can be used. I have a large set of images taken from a camera on a tripod of an object on a turntable, rotating every 5 -7 degrees. After PMVS finishes, I get a tiny .ply file with no points (opened with Meshlab).
    Can this software handle this kind of image set, or does the camera need to be moving and the object stationary? I tested with ~30 images from a camera that moves around an object and got a decent .ply file.

  4. Hi Taurcity,
    the skull you see here ( is done as you say. I put the skull on a turntable and add a black board behind (so the software does not recognize nothing exept the skull). The camera was on a tripod and i get photos more or less every 10 degrees (36 prictures). The only problem i had was that i get some mistakes with Bundler 4, so i tried the same thing with Bundler 3 and it worked perfectly, Looks like that when you try to do a 3D of an object object with an assial or radial simmetry Bundler 4 has some problems. In that case i suggest to use Bundler 3 (by now). Ciao.

    Luca Bezzi

  5. Thanks Luca - I'll give that a shot. (I just emailed you with this question - I'm John F. - I forgot I had posted it here, I don't mean to be confusing.)

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