Wednesday, 3 August 2011

PMVS 30% Faster

I have integrated recent changes in PMVS from Nghia Ho and now PMVS is 30 % faster.

If you want test it by yourself you could reach the udpated source code in the GitHub repository

Changelog :
Add changes from Nghia Ho
- memoize pow(2,X)
- Change GSL simplex to lmfit.


  1. Hi, I'm interested in using this software for documenting the National Maritime Museum Cornwall's collection of boats. I have a few questions and wondered if it'd be possible to contact you by email? I'm not a programmer or anything of that sort and I'm struggling slightly with installing the software but it looks great and can't wait to get it working. My address is



  2. Hi,

    I have managed to use Cmake and build the project in Visual Studio 2008, but am having trouble running the project. Can you suggest how I can link the bundler output to the built code ? I am basically trying to inplement the pipeline bundler -> pmvs2 in C++ as I require it in my project.

  3. Any chance you'd compile an updated binary for windows?